Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ballet Sweater

I give most of what I make away to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. BUT I've been told that I'm not allowed to give this sweater away. It did turn out REALLY cute! The pattern wasn't that hard, but it took me longer than I would have liked. I lost my steam on the 2nd sleeve. I admit it! The one thing that still baffles me about this sweater...check out the button. Was it not MADE to go with this yarn!!!! I couldn't have imagined a better match.
This is my last UPDATE post. Carrie is busy with some commissioned quilting, but we'll try to get some more fun up soon!!!


The EMSY was the first patterns that I ever came up with from scratch, and I think it is STILL my favorite! This hat is SO adorable!!! I have made a million of them, and each one is fun in it's own way! I made this for one of my co workers who just has a sweet little girl! The yarn is absolutely as soft as it looks, and of course the little flower is a removable hair clip!

Barn Page

We've been working on some pages for quiet books, and they are turning out SO DARN CUTE!!!! Here is a little preview of the Farm page. Isn't that the most adorable thing you've ever seen! I couldn't find any farm animal material that I liked, so I found some on the web and printed them on printable shrinky dinks. and then attached them to the ribbon. I can't wait to post the finished book!!!

3 corner hat

One of my adorable nieces LOVES hats! That makes it even more fun to see what I can whip up. This was the latest version. A nifty little 3 corner. I probably could have been more fun with the tassels, but it turned out pretty cute.


Note to self, using anything other than cotton for the front or the back of a quilt requires a tiny bit more thought. Good to know. At least it is over, and semi cute.


I LOVE this pattern by Curby's Closet. curbys They turned out SO DARN cute, and were super quick and easy. The only hassle is that I didn't find a huge variety of pre-quilted fabric. I know, I know, I can quilt my own, but part of the joy of sewing for me is the short cuts that I can take. :) These were made for my new neice, and they look AMAZING on her!

2nd Ragedy Anne and Andy quilt

I'm determined that my children will have Ragedy Anne and Andy themed nurseries. Here is the second quilt. Now all we need are the babies.
I used a bias tape binding method that I learned from a youtube video called "no searing bias tape method" here is the link. It is actually a really easy and great method if you can get past how annoying the tutorial video is. I generally hand stitch bindings, so this was an amazingly quick with a almost perfect result. Yay for new ideas!