Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding Bliss

Now that I have posted all of the quilts in the past, here is what I am working on now. This quilt was pieced by Katie Mort (who happens to recover furniture. Check her out at Her soon to be sister-in-law wants people to sign a quilt for the reception. Great idea. This quilt was machine quilted on Camille and I left the colored blocks unquilted so that people could sign in there. Of course there is always going to be that idiot that comes to the reception and signs in the most random place and screws it up, but let's hope for the best. Looking at the pictures I should I ironed BEFORE the pics but oh well. You can still see how great this quilt turned out and hopefully it will look even more amazing after the reception with people's well wishes to the happy couple.

Wedding Quilt Part Duex

This is a quilt I made my brother-in-law and his new bride a couple of years ago. I loved this pattern, but never could find material that I wanted to go with it. I love working with tiny little pieces of fabric. (Em thinks I'm crazy). I hand quilted this on my grandma's old quilting frames. It took FOREVER.

Wedding Quilt?????

I have made my siblings all quilts when they get married. Em was no exception. But, I wanted her to pick out fabric and the style of quilt. As you can see she picked black and white. I thought "really Em?" But, it looks great in their room. I had so much extra that I made her little muts quilts too.

Haitian Creation Quilt

I also made this quilt for a Christmas present in 2010. My friend that I gave it to is from Haiti and really loves bright colors. I hand quilted it every night for weeks to try and get it done for Chirstmas. For some reason I always find myself thinking of people to give Christmas quilts to around Thanksgiving.

Wicked Ways Quilt

This quilt was finished in 2009 and suprisingly enough it was my first nine patch quilt. It was hand quilted by me.

Christmas Tree Skirt

I have always wanted to make a quilted tree skirt and...TAH DAH here it is. I did this in the fall of 2010. Super simple square design, with a little ruffle flair.

Missionary Quilts

My sister-in-laws parents are mission presidents in Florida. Last year in 2010 her mom called and asked our family if we would be able to give Christmas presents to some missionaries that didn't have family support. So, I whipped up three quilts over a weekend. Not my most technical quilts, but nonetheless they all loved them.

Make a Good Impression Quilt

In college I was dating this guy seriously. So, he decided it was time for me to go to Chicago to meet his parents. I really wanted them to like me, so I made his mom this wall hanging. It had buttons as the center of the flowers, with a little bee at the top. I think it really won the mom over and she loved me...until she saw my tattoo!

Tara's Treasure

Every year I try and make someone I love a quilt. I believe I finished this one in the beginning of 2010. This quilt was all hand quilted by me with a lap frame! I did a baptist fan on the quilt and cutson leaves on the border. My friend didn't know I was making it for her, so it was a great suprise.