Monday, February 28, 2011

Camille and Bernie

These are my two machines that live at my house. My regular sewing machine is named Bernie. She is a sweet gal who puts her nose to the grindstone and works. I work Bernie hard, and she never complains. How can you not love a machine that just works and works for you.
Camille is a Diva with a capital B. She is my newest quilting machine. Camille takes up a lot of space and is super demanding. She has to have oil every other bobbin, a new needle every quilt, and her tension has to be just right or she throws a fit. Camille also doesn't like to be talked down to or pushed around. You think I am joking, but I'm not; she is such a time bomb. Here is an example. I have been doing quilts on Camille for about a month when Ema decided it was her turn to use Camille. She came over and told me that she wanted to put on the quilt, thread the machine, and figure out the tension by herself. "okay" I said, "but just make sure to talk nicely to her." Ema laughed and said "Camille, no pulling any of that prissy crap with me." That was the wrong thing to say. As soon as Ema put her first stitch in Camille threw a tantrum and frickin screwed Em's quilt up. Camille made this awful noise and than put up her warning sign. I went over to help and Ema said "I will do it. I need to figure her out." I than sat for fifteen minutes and watched Ema and Camille battle it out. Ema stormed out of the room, totally pissed and she hadn't fixed it. I went over and said "Camille that wasn't very nice of you." I than unthreaded her took her bobbin out and told her "Okay let's start over sweetheart." I oiled her, made sure all of the lint was gone, checked all of the tension, got her a new needle, and re threaded her. I than said "Camille now let's try and make Ema's quilt beautiful like I know only you can." She quilted for me like a champ. The funny thing is, Ema had done all of the same stuff that I did. So went I got around to getting lint out there really wasn't any lint there, she had already been oiled, the needle had never been used, and her tension on her bobbin was great. So my only conclusion can be that Ema pissed Camille off and so Camille wanted to show her who was boss.
Once I got Camille working I went up and told Ema Camille was working and ready to quilt. I told Ema to talk nicely to her and don't underestimate Camille's power to mess with you. Ema went back down and was able to get her quilt done with no setbacks.
It is funny to have two such different machines living and working in the same room.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Panama Jack

Sometimes fabric just speaks to you. Last November I was stocking up on fat quarters and I found this fabric that reminded me of my cousin. So, I had to get it, because eventually Whitney will be getting married and I want to make her a quilt.
I stowed the fabric and thought that maybe someday I would use it. Well...than Whitney and I went on a road trip and we got talking about some blocks that she has been collecting from Panama. Whitney goes down about twice a year to Panama and Mexico to do Humanitarian work with a group called- (look it up) She always tries to buy things the locals have made so she has a huge stash of these "shirts". The blocks in the middle are all handmade and AMAZING. So one of the projects that I am working on is making the Panama blocks into a quilt. And, as fate would have it, the fabric I picked up in November is the perfect match for the blocks from Panama. Thank you quilting Gods.

Feb post

posting once every two months is good right? well, it doesn't matter if it is, or isn't, because that is the road that we are on.
I have been quilting a bit, but I always forget to take pics of the quilts that I have done. Sooooo I finally got some pictures of a quilt I just pulled off of Camille. This quilt is pieced by the lovey Katie Mort and than I quilted it on Camille.